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<Course Lesson>


○Essential Course· · ·E


○Advance Course ·· · ·A


Course schedule: Once a month / Sunday (afternoon lesson 2 ~4 hours) 


Course structure: 8 times lesson plus twice graduation work


Course capacity : Until 5 people can attend the tuition


Couse fee: Each lesson 30.-€

                ※ Material cost is not included in couse fee. (The tuition fee will be paid in the each lesson.)


Material cost: app.50.-€ for each lesson




Each work will be deviated from lesson material images. In order to meet the lesson material budget.


(The material fee will be paid in each lesson.)


Discount of 5 percent on tools and 3 percent on materials




The Purpose & Objectives of Lesson:


E: The purpose of the "essential course" is to design jewelry selecting stones with advance


wire / stringing technique at the end. The course is recommended for people who graduate "Free lesson wire /


stringing" level, even you had no experience of making jewelry nor no knowledge.


A: At the end of lesson you will be able to create your own jewelry with all technique for Sales level.


The lesson is very good addition to the Essential course, in order to deepen


your knowledge and expand your skills.


The subject matter of the Lesson:


E: ① String knot at both sides ②Wire connection ③Knot at one side ④Tegusu ⑤ Nylon coat wire


⑥Wire connection on charm type & direct connection ⑦Leather cord & chain ⑧ Leather cord & chain


A: ① Thread (knitting) ②Wire (Fringe Settings) ③Leather cord (winding knot) ④Threaded rivet knots


⑤ Thread and wire (stringing and motifmodeling) ⑥Wire (Structure) ⑦Thread (consecutive nodes)


⑧ Thread (two superimposed nodes)




※ There is a possibility to change of the lesson day and design from the original teaching material,


in order to match the material cost of the tuition.


※ Because that there are individual differences in Leaning speed and leaning the point of how to make


is most important within the workshop time, you will sometimes have homework on the left works


(Questions can be solved in the next lesson.)


※ The supplementary lesson for the absence is possible.


Membership benefits:


The discount for tools and materials (5%), accessories for sale (10%)


Free support in terms of practice for wire / stringing techniques and troubleshooting of unfinished works


The certificates of works will be issued for graduation


The consultation about the next step, participation in the advanced course, in exhibitions and so on.


Required Tools:


Flat pliers, Round pliers, Nippers, Perforation, etc.


※It is possible to rent or purchase tools


Cancellation Policy:


In the case of the cancellation because of convenience:


Cancellation needs to be submitted 90 days before the first lesson date


The cancellation fee and policy is based on following rule and lesson fee and material costs


All lessons (8 times) not attend ... 50%


1-4 times attend... 80%


5-8 times attend ... 100%


※The percentage for all of the lesson fee


(About 9th and 10th lesson, graduation work, the cancellation fee is


the only material costs but a certificate of completion is not issued.)


Transfer of material costs and lesson fee is not accepted at all.


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