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<Oil Massage>


Life-essence is offering you customized treatments with essential oils. The essential oil


blends in massage oils have the power to restore a sense of balance to mind, body,


and spirit. Please enjoy the wonderful time with peaceful moment.


Course Description


・Body Treatment 60 minutes 50€


・Foot Treatment 30 minutes 25€


・Decollete Treatment 30 minutes 25€

<Counseling Blend>


The purpose of the “counseling blend” is to show you the possibilities and counseling of essential oils


selection and essential oils blend for the ever day use. After the tuition you will be able to make your


own blends, in order to enjoy the power of aromatherapy to balance, harmonize and promote the health


of body, mind and spirit.


Counseling time: app. 30 minutes


Counseling fee: 20.- €

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